Galaxy A8+: putting to the test its dual camera

A few weeks ago, Samsung has launched in Mexico its new Galaxy A8+, its first smartphone with dual camera front, with which we will be able to make amazing selfies, and to give faith of this, we have tried to detail in both the camera front and back in different conditions, and these have been our impressions.

Before continuing we will detail the specifications of the cameras on this computer. In the rear we have a sensor of 16 MP with aperture f/1.7 and a pixel size of 1.12 µm, in addition, we have autofocus but we miss the OIS (optical Image Stabilizer). On the other hand, in the front we have a double sensor, the main 16 MP with f/1.9 and pixel size of 1.0 µm, which is combined with a secondary sensor of 8MP with f/1.9 and 1.12 µm.

Rear camera: abiding in any situation

In the case of the A8+ we can say that the rear camera is not the camera’s main computer, and it is because as I mentioned, this is the first smartphone with dual camera front, so it has paid special attention to the selfies, however, later on we’ll talk about it.

In conditions of good lighting, the photos are really good, the color calibration and detail of the objects is outstanding, and here Samsung has shown a good evolution with regard to the A7 2017, which we can consider as the predecessor of this A8+.

Another advantage is that the camera app Samsung is quite complete, and it does not matter if you are a novice or expert, the application of Samsung get give taste to any person, so that you can exploit your skills by modifying the ISO, capture modes, etc

Known to detail the new Samsung Galaxy A8+

The night pictures are also outstanding, since you do not have a problem to get a good picture with low light, the noise is barely noticeable (depending on the situation), although we could say that it is one of the best phones on the market of its range in the category photographic.

As already mentioned, what we miss is the OIS, so it is likely that if we move the take a picture the results may not be expected, a detail to take into account but it is not vital for most users.

Front camera: selfies with bokeh effect

One of the most eye-catching of the A8+ is its dual-sensor front, which allows us to take selfies much more eye-catching thanks to that we can achieve the bokeh effect or blur, a feature that is in fashion currently.

In this case, the main sensor (16MP) is tasked with taking the objective, while the lens side takes the details and apply the blur effect , in addition this same lens has an angle to catch more large to be able to take selfies group.

Galaxy A8+: unboxing and first impressions

Here the biggest drawback is that we’re not going to find the auto-focus, something that maybe does not diminish significantly the experience of use, but do not understand why not to include it, however, Samsung “justified” in any way with the implementation of your technology Live Focus, which will allow us to play with the blur of our photography, a technology with which we can always obtain a result according to our taste, and that it was exclusive to the Galaxy Note 8.

We invite you to not miss all the details of this phone and we share your comments on the new Galaxy A8+.

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