Galaxy J2 Pro, the new Samsung phone… without Internet connection?

When we think of purchasing a new phone, we can hardly imagine it without Internet connection… in this case, better buy another type of devices. However, it seems that Samsung wants to offer something completely different and it shows with your phone that is part of the Galaxy family that stands out for not having access to a 2G network, 3G, 4G, and much less Wifi.

But, why someone would want to have this new phone? The Galaxy J2 Pro is intended for students who, at times, suffer from distractions by being immersed through their smartphones, whether through social networking, talk, or play.

This device has a dictionary in English and Korean that can be used offline so that students can have better tools of vocabulary, but will not have the ability to download games. The Galaxy J2 Pro has a battery of 2,600 mAh, 5-inch screen, qHD resolution, 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 of internal storage (although it can be expanded through microSD card).

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Its price is us $ 185; however, Samsung is willing to return all the money when the students have completed their exam period, though with the condition that they acquire your Galaxy S smartphone or Galaxy A.

Although everyone consider having a smartphone, the Galaxy J2 Pro is the huge problem that live in the institutions with the students who devote their time to distractions in place to apprehend and learn what happens in the classroom. In addition, it is well known that students are turning to sites like Wikipedia, YouTube or Google for immediate answers and to have a cellphone without Internet, they could no longer rely on this type of resource.

For the moment, this device is only available in South Korea, but if you can be a success… we don’t be surprised if they reach other parts of the world.

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Do you think that this is a good solution?

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