Galaxy Note 9 vs Huawei P20 Pro: what is the best phablet Android?

Today was the official launch of the Galaxy Note 9, one of the teams most anticipated of the year, and which has left good impressions to the public, but also has given a lot to talk about, especially in regards to their price, which could seem outrageous to many people.

On the other hand, the Huawei P20 Pro was introduced a little over 4 months, and is one of the most interesting team of the present, in fact, it shares specs very similar with the Note 9, as both come with a 4,000 mAh battery, a huge screen, camera with artificial intelligence and powerful processors, so here we compare them to know which is better.

The general specifications of both computers are the following:


The screen is a very important point in a smartphone, and the truth is that Samsung is one of the companies best work is done in this section, so that Note 9 will be a very difficult rival to beat.

Side-by-side Samsung have an OLED display with Super AMOLED technology, while Huawei also offers an OLED screen, but that is not the same as the technology offered by Samsung. Likewise, Note 9 provides a density of 516 dpi, while the P20 Pro comes to 408 dpi.

Galaxy Note 9

Another point where both teams stand out is the support for the playback of content with HDR 10 always and when e video service is also supported.

Gorilla Glass 5 is the protective glass of the screen of both phones, and the screen of the Galaxy Note 9 occupies 83.4% of the front, while that of the P20 Pro doing the same with the 82% on the front.

So is the new Galaxy Note 9: more battery power and artificial intelligence

Camera: exploiting artificial intelligence

One of the major innovations of the Galaxy Note 9 has been the implementation of the artificial intelligence directly into the camera, because technically we’re talking about that this team has the same technical specifications of the camera S9+, so that at the technical level there is no change.

On the other hand, Huawei offers not two, but three cameras in the rear, one of them is a monochrome sensor, the other a telephoto zoom lens of 3 increases, and the last a RGB sensor.

Samsung boasts its camera with aperture variable to take the best photo depending on the lighting conditions, for its part, Huawei uses artificial intelligence to improve the photographs (especially the night).

With regard to the artificial intelligence we have a detection of 20 different scenes on both computers, that is to say, the phone know what objects you have in front of you to change the settings of the camera and make the photograph perfect.

However, the addition of the Galaxy Note 9 is that the phone also notifies you if during photography, the lens was dirty, if the person is blinking, or if the light in front was so strong that it will target the objective, something that Huawei does not.

You know the camera Super Slow-Mo of the Galaxy S9

On the other hand, Huawei offers optical zoom of up to 3x that combined with the digital we can reach 5 increases, something that the Galaxy Note 9 only dream. The results of Huawei in this section are outstanding, and the night pictures are some of the best we’ve seen in a smartphone, although Samsung promises results that are just as amazing, but to verify this we must test the device in the same conditions that a p20 Pro, something that we will clarify in the next few days.

Another thing that we can get on both computers is the recording at 960 fps with HD resolution, the mode of using it is different, but the option is available on both computers.

Same battery… do the same autonomy?

Samsung dared to increase the mAh of the battery in the Note 9 to 4,000 mAh, same amount offered by the P20, but does this mean that they offer the same autonomy?

The simple answer is no, the autonomy of the team also depends on the optimization of the processor and of the software. Both computers use processors distinct, Qualcomm does a very good job with the optimization of the battery, but Huawei includes a chip with NPU, which learns each user to optimize the battery from the computer, and the reality is that this is one of the best weapons from Huawei, as the team manage a range of day and half without any problem, something that also promises to Samsung, but that we cannot know with any accuracy until you did not test the computer.

The value-added

One of the best weapons in the Galaxy Note 9 is your S-Pen, a differentiator of the phone, which has been improved for this version with a battery with more autonomy, but above all with the Bluetooth technology, which allows you to control your computer remotely, which will also allow us to take notes, brighten images, or exploit our artistic side.

Galaxy Note 9

Aside from Huawei, it seems to me that your best weapon is the rear camera triple, and that is that the chinese company has no time for a attachment that can compete against the S-Pen of Samsung, yes, your price is your ace in the sleeve.


The Galaxy Note 9 is a great computer with a high price, because the version with 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage costs $24,999 MXN, while the one that includes 8GB of RAM and 512 GB of ROM will sell for $29,000 USD.

These are the prices and availability of the Galaxy Note 9 in Mexico

What does this mean? If the price of the Huawei P20 Pro is $16,999 MXN, then the Galaxy Note 9 the most expensive costs about the same as 2 Huawei P20 Pro, while the cheaper version is $8,000 USD more expensive in comparison with the model of Huawei.

The price is an important element when buying a phone, one side is a limiting factor for choosing a model in the majority of occasions, and on the other hand it should also represent a good investment, and although the Galaxy Note 9 is a good team each person should reflect on whether the improvements are equivalent to their monetary value. and Partners.

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