Galaxy Watch: the commitment of Samsung to conquer the market of the smartwatch

If the Galaxy Note 9 was not enough Samsung today unveiled its new smartwatch or smart watch, which he has christened as Galaxy Watch, this with the purpose of to start to create a concept as a family of devices, since one hand we have Galaxy smartphones, tablets samsung Galaxy, the new Galaxy Home , and now the Galaxy Watch.

Already had leaked information about the Galaxy Watch, in fact we have seen the dual charging bay for smartphones Galaxy and this device, so that this watch can be charged wirelessly like the phones of Samsung from a single charger dual.

So is the new Galaxy Note 9: more battery power and artificial intelligence

The Galaxy Watch comes with a circular design that will be available in two different sizes and will have LTE technology, however, there are no details on the countries to which you will arrive, except that we know that will make its debut in fifteen countries, with 30 separate operators, in fact, Samsung has mentioned that it will arrive to the mexican market in October, but we don’t know if this will also be the launch date of the device in other countries.

The watch is equipped with AMOLED screen, water resistance, and autonomy for several days, but we are left with the urge to know specific details, which will be revealed later, although the company wanted to present it to the world today along with the Note 9 and the Galaxy Home.

Samsung has thought of a device focused on sport and health, so that we will have similar functions to the Apple Watch to monitor our heart rate, state of sleep, calories burned, etc

We are researching more details on this device, which we will share later with you.

In development… and Partners.

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