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Wildstar is made for the players. Any decision in the design is created with the question: "Is this fun to do? '. The answer in the end is almost always yes. The fact that we saw a lot of elements elsewhere earlier does not affect the ubiquitous quality, humor and sheer fun that we experience in each session. This is one of those rare mmo that a subscription is also really worth.

It is so easy to push something, but in a corner because then you no longer have to think about. Colorful? Oh childish. Subscription? Oh extortionists. Quests? Oh WoW clone. Yes, you can Wildstar easy ejection as yet another 'MMO like World of Warcraft, "but that would be terribly shortsighted.

Something special happened with us while playing Wildstar. Instead of the usual feeling that we where following a to-do list, we forgot quite quickly that there was such a thing as a group of tasks, statistics and drop rates. Instead, we ran with wonder by the green forests of the planet Nexus, where we got one surprise after the other. Because the traditional Wildstar is also in its basic design, the game goes beyond this by the huge amount of wonderful experiences that it presents to us. Everything in the game is designed to entertain. Nothing feels like a 'job', there is always a twist in the activities, and there is always something in the neighborhood of our present task that distracts us and sends an unexpected direction.


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Wildstar takes place on the planet Nexus, where two factions vying with each other to conquer. Secrets of this world The Dominion is a powerful and (from a certain point of view) evil army that wants to use Nexus. Before his nefarious plans The Exiles are a motley crew being hunted. By the Dominion You could call them. 'Good guys'

The two factions are of course the inevitable player versus player battles, and they each have their own storyline. It is the story of the Dominion as humorous, but both have their great moments. Take care when choosing your faction, because it is not possible to play with someone from the other side together.



After the inevitable tutorial we can finally play the real world. The first impression is one of déjà vu. Colorful landscapes, a somewhat exaggerated style of drawing and computer characters with an exclamation mark above their heads obviously do immediately think of World of Warcraft. The game is basically the same as a basic skeleton, but adds so many things that soon it is clear that we do not find ourselves in Azeroth. Wildstar relates to World of Warcraft like Halo to Doom.


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Fighting Wild Star is an example of the best ways to pop that we have seen. Opponents in a mmo to another world Instead of static to stay on your site and fire off your spells that you really on the opponent (or your allies) to aim. An attack or heal skill shows namely a patch on the ground indicating where to feel the effect is later. Who in a red plane getting pummeled, who is healed. In green state


You can dodge attacks and look for the places where you can experience. A beneficial effect And of course you can run while firing your spells and weapons. As a result, the fighting in Wildstar as dynamic as an action game. Guild Wars 2 took a step in that direction, but Wildstar goes several steps further with even more speed and color patches lure. Rapid tactical decisions



The world
Although the game world of WildStar is less dynamic than in Guild Wars 2, he still feels much more alive than most other mmo's. This is due to the enormous amount of secrets to be discovered. This ranges from small elements like plants with special positive or negative effects in all areas that you can only find if you yourself do best. Moreover, there are a lot of "challenges" to discover that only start when you perform an action. Killing a sample can launch a challenge in which a certain number of the same sample should turn off. Within the time By the time this clock is a decent adrenaline rush. The time limit is in fact always very tight.

But gradually we come to bizarre events. As the village with alien bunnies that leave us licking a lollipop that evokes hallucinations. Then we have to find some lollies in that hallucination within time and licking. Yeah, weird. But very nice and a break from the 'usual' adventures. If there is such a thing as 'normal' in this game.

The nice thing is that none of the tasks are to be often repeated, and that there are always elements that take us off the path. Like mushrooms that make us jump high to suddenly discover whole new areas. Or hear the various challenges in our 'path'.

Because each player chooses a path next to his class. This path determines what bonus missions, and so where the emphasis is on your time. Because in addition to the standard quests that are open to all players, there are the path quests that specifically fit within a field of interest. For example, the Explorer, and discover new areas, the scientist scans the environment and learns more secrets of the world, the warrior does much more combat missions and the settler build structures where other players also benefit. Structures such as additional taxi routes or even whole new quest givers.



If there is a design decision of developer Carbine that we do not understand, then it is that you have to choose from when creating a character, then you can not change this path. So you have to hope that your choice fits what you really want to do. We would have preferred that all paths were open and you could level up mainly by doing that you like the most. Those things they However, the system as it is now works fine. That is mainly because the emissions from your path also full of variety and discovery down again. The developers do everything to avoid. Feeling of 'been there done that'


Group Content
Similarly, in the group content. Of course, the game dungeons, but here you will find many variations, Adventures for example, that are a cross between skirmishes in LOTRO and the scenarios in World of Warcraft. With your group, go on an adventure where your time not just trash mobs and boss monsters encounter, but a whole new game systems such as dodging snipers, catapults and other things what this designers you can not imagine.


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