Gaming facts that will make you feel old


Gaming facts that will make you feel old

As David Bowie once belted out in reference to his sweet golden pipes, time adjustments us. We like to make-believe we’re still youngsters, but then we’re facing annoying facts that bring us to reality. For example, Gaming facts that will make you feel old we were just laughing in regards to the Janet Jackson Super Bowl issue, in which Justin Timberlake accidently exposed section of her too-hot-for-TV body. That simply just happened recently, right? Nope, that was an entire decade ago.
In fact, if you pay close attention to anniversaries, you’ll realize that events that manage to have just occured yesterday actually happened many years ago. Starting while using year 1983, we went year by year to find milestones that will make you really feel ancient if you were alive when they came to pass. We begin the “get off my yard! ” old man-ification with…

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