Municipalities less often by e-mail to reach

More and more municipalities are replacing a general e-mail address for an online contact form. Anyone with questions, often have to wait a long time for an answer – if they are already getting.

This appears from the annual examination of the site We Deserve Better. The number of municipalities that do not e-mail is accessible, has increased in recent years. Since 2015, with 30 percent. Now chose 86 of the 388 municipalities in the Netherlands to stop the mail.

The alternative is an online contact form. Problem with that is that there is often more information is requested than is necessary. Things like numbers and dates of birth are to be shared, a question can be.

Timely answers

We Deserve Better and indicates that municipalities are legally required to, within two working days to reply. However, that is not always good. In 28 municipalities, there was after four weeks still no response. 15 percent of all municipalities does not reply on time.

On the site We Deserve Better is a list, which you can figure out how your own church is.

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