‘Dangerous selfies requirements 259 kill’

Between 2011 and 2017 are 259 people were killed during the making of a selfie, according to an Indian research report. The scientists advocate for selfievrije zones in places where it is extra dangerous.

Interestingly enough, fell by far the most kill – 159 in total – in India itself, more than half of all incidents took place in that country. Then follow Russia, the United States and Pakistan, with between 10 and 20 dead. To the extent that the researchers could identify, in the Netherlands there is never a selfie-death.

There is, however, taken into account the fact that a selfie is not the official cause of death is determined. Therefore, it was only based on news articles around this topic. The problem would be even greater than here outlined. Other most of the victims around 23 years old and mostly male.

Causes of death

Selfies with fatal mouths, usually from drowning or a fatal fall. In America, most of the deaths to be mourned because of selfies with firearms. At various places in the world are already selfievrije zones. Also went to the Russian government in 2015 with this remarkable brochure, which highlights the dangers of selfies.

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