‘Face detection OnePlus 6 easy to fool’

Ethish hacker Rik van Duijn is succeeded in the face detection of the OnePlus 6 to be tricked by a photo of his own face for the camera. It is shown that this way of locking is not particularly secure.

Since the OnePlus 5 OnePlus-phones with Face Unlock equipped, a feature that is in the OnePlus 6 also of the party. Thus, to unlock the device simply by looking at it. But with a photograph succeeds, and therefore, shows the Dutch van Duijn in a video on Twitter.

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In theory, your phone could be stolen, and then someone with a picture of your face – however, right from the front – so your device can hack. Moreover, OnePlus it’s honest about the limits of the technique, which would be especially for ease-of-use serve and not to secure. Nevertheless, the company, and as a result back to this function look.


That facial recognition with photos is to work, in the past often proved to be. Companies work on new ways to use the technology to improve. So tested it with a MasterCard, rather, a system for credit card payments by means of face recognition. That worked only when the user with his eyes, blinked.

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