Gmail could brand new function for autodestruir post

Yesterday we shared with you the new redesign, which will come to Gmail very soon, which will bring with it new features that users take time waiting, however, new information refers to an interesting feature that could allow users to send emails that self-destruct after a certain time.

It has been the people from TechCrunch to the one who has discovered this peculiar characteristic, that, although not being exclusive, if it is the most requested in Gmail, and that is the closest thing to it is the function of the Inbox in which we can delete an e-mail several seconds after you sent it, this way the recipient will never receive it, but scheduling a mail to be deleted at a time in specific sounds interesting.

According to the displayed information, it seems that the new option will be available at the time of composing a new mail, where it will appear the icon of a lock next to a clock, where we will have to put the date on which shall expire the content of the email.

In addition, other security options available will be the recipient have to receive a code via SMS to access the content, this way he could only see what you’ve written, unless someone else has access to your cell phone.

Filter the new design of Gmail

This “confidence” might come along with the redesign of Gmail, and there is no indication of the function in the web page help of Google, so that we do not know if there will be the encryption of information or if it will work with other email services such as Microsoft, although it is likely to operate only among clients of Google.

We also don’t know if it is possible to set the self-destruction of the contents after having sent the mail, but this kind of details we’ll know when it is launched the function.

What do you think of this possible new feature of Gmail?

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