Google announces closure of Google+ after hiding for months, a security breach

According to The Wall Street Journal, the private data of hundreds of thousands of users of the social network Google+ would have been exposed to without the company communicated to affected, although identified and solved the problem in the month of march. The newspaper says that the company would have kept silence to avoid standing in the crosshairs of the regulators and the harm they could cause to his reputation, as if the mere survival of Google+ after seven years of failure is not enough.

Google has responded , confirming in essence the information and giving details of the problem. According to their data, no one came to take advantage of the security hole, which allowed access to some personal details have been marked as private by the user. But it has also taken advantage of the situation to announce that in ten months he will close the service as it currently exists, citing how little is used: 90% of the open sessions on Google+ last less than five seconds. During this type, up to August 2019, will provide users with current ways to download the information that you have provided to the social network.

However, Google+ will survive, with changes, as a tool of internal communication of companies, where workers can discuss in “a social network business safe”, a definition ironic given that it appears in the same press release in which they had suffered a security breach and not having told anyone until it has uncovered a newspaper. In the next few days we will announce more details about this release business of the social network, which will allow corporations to specify common rules for the users and centralized controls.

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