Google Assistant will allow you to listen to news of mexican media

From Google I think Google’s Assistant, began to cause a sensation in the thousands of users who would now have a virtual assistant that will support them in the many tasks that are performed daily, such as to know the confirmation number for a flight, you know if that day it will rain and you should carry an umbrella or to book a simple appointment at the hairdresser.

The assistant arrived first to countries like the USA and Spain, where he had a gratifying reception by the public, because you could change the language according to the nation they were, even if this takes me a while to get to Mexico.

But with regards to came to the mexican territory and with the use of the Spanish language available, the impact was the same, although currently is expected to continue to grow with the launch of the new feature that has been implemented, which let you listen to the news that is published in some of the most important media of the country.

Google said that for the moment, the most relevant news items will come out of the media as The Universal, ABC News, Televisa News, One TV, a Radio Center, Mediotiempo and Expansion.

However, it is expected that as time goes by, the information leaves many more media, thus expanding the platform for the public to have as much information as possible.

The Cloud: We ask you all to Google Assistant

The function is pretty simple, since it is sufficient to say in a loud voice, “I Want to hear the news of…” to begin to play the audio of the most relevant news items of that day.

The new tool, which is available on iOS and Android, as well as in the Google Home, plans to speed up the process of absorption of information that people have that usually travel in your car or on public transport.

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