Google Chrome will be without support for 32 million Android

Bad news if you have a lot of time without update your Android phone, because Google announced that their browser, Chrome, will support at least 32 million handsets with its operating system.

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Currently, Google Chrome supports devices up to version 4.1 of Android, better known as Jelly Bean, but a new version of the browser will update its support to Android KitKat, or 4.4. This means that phones built prior to October, 2013-date of release of KitKat – will be stuck in the current version of Chrome and will not have access to the update.

The report did site Android Hire with information of the famous Xda-developers, a community of developers of software for mobile devices. However, non-specific when it is renewal of Chrome will be carried out.

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The first stable version of Google Chrome for mobile phones with Android came in June of 2012. Now, it is estimated that this browser is installed in 1,000 million devices with Android, 3.2% of them with the version Jelly Bean, that is to say 32 million, that now they would be left without support, so it would be better to opt for another browser. and Partners.

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