Google creates an artificial intelligence that tells you your odds of dying

The artificial intelligence is one of the fields where we have seen important progress in the last year, and Google is one of the companies that we have been surprised with what has been achieved in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), and the clear example of this is their new AI with a medical approach that already tells you your likely to die.

As well as you hear it, the AI of Google is able to know if you’re going to die soon, even the experiments demonstrate that it is much more accurate that the diagnoses the human.

The AI is trained to analyze the medical history of the patients from head to foot, and as well determine with high accuracy the health of a person. According to details of the experiment, the IA has failed to give results more accurate because unlike the doctors, there was no detail overlooked, a situation that allows you to predict the likelihood of death of a patient to stack all the items analyzed.

During the experiment, a woman who came to the hospital with pulmonary edema was diagnosed by the doctors deduced that your probability of dying was 9.3%, while the AI of Google analyzed all the data (more than 175 points of reference), noting that their odds of death were 19.9%. Surprisingly the woman died in the hospital a few days later.

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This is not to say that the AI of Google to know what patients are going to die, but the analysis of the information will allow doctors to be more careful with some patients more sensitive.

According to the engineers behind the project, the AI is able to know how much time you will be in the hospital the patients, the chances of having to be readmitted, and to die during their stay.

Google has already demonstrated that its AI have a promising future in medicine, because you already have a that even diagnosed better cancer than humans.

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