Google should copy Apple and become an ally of Amazon

Today, there are a handful of prominent technology companies that dominate the world, some do it in a single paragraph, and others in different fronts, as is the case of Google and Apple, which for many are the two companies most powerful on the planet.

However, when speaking of e-commerce there is a company that leads from start to finish, and that is Amazon, a company that in its time has had some conflicts with Apple and Google.

Apple has known of the importance of Amazon’s business, reason why little by little they were making agreements, first making the Prime video came to Apple TV, and now making that Amazon sells the official products of Apple like iPad Pro, iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

Apple now sell their products on Amazon

This obviously benefits Apple and Amazon, because on the one hand the company from Cupertino will have access to a customer base that is very wide in many countries of the world, where even they may not have Apple Store, while Amazon surely will get a percentage of the sales of several of the gadgets sold in the world, because we must not forget that Apple is the third brand that more smartphones sold in the world.

With Google the story is completely different, since it seems that neither wants to take the first step, it seems that the more lost in this war (in addition to users) is Google.

Google y Amazon

A few months ago a company of Mountain view mentioned that it would end support for YouTube on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, something that certainly bothered me to Amazon, which is why it seems that we’re not going to see a version of Prime video on Android TV, or well, compatible with Google Cast.

The problem for Google is that Amazon managed to get a web version of YouTube thanks to Firefox, and the company of Mountain View can do nothing to prevent it without causing collateral damage.

Google need Amazon as much as Apple

Now that Google is a hardware manufacturer needs a business partner that can help you to better sell their products, and this partner is Amazon.

Companies like OnePlus have taken advantage of the great power of Amazon to sell their products, and have had good results.

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Google could take advantage of the infrastructure of Amazon in countries where there is no Google Store, as in the case of Mexico, because in our country its products are sold in some stores, while online its great ally is the Free Market, with the advantages and disadvantages that that entails. and Partners.

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