Google Family Link: Parental controls on smart phones

Young children today without a smartphone. Not only because of their boyfriends and girlfriends often alone, but also because they have certain apps need at school. To ensure that all of this will be safe, introduces Google the Family Link app.

With the Family Link app allows parents to remotely watch on the smartphone of your son or daughter. For installing apps, they should, for example, to ask for permission. Mothers and fathers can also set the devices after a few hours will be locked, so that their children do not have the whole day to their smartphone, staring. Also, they can location their offspring live trace.


It is the intention of the Family Link app on both phones to install, both on that of the parent and of the child. The adult then makes a special children’s account, a Google account is persons under 13 years of age and that certain restrictions. Then, the telephones are connected with each other and a gezinsgroep formed.

Family Link to download and install

Installing Family Link is not so difficult, but there should be equally good for sit down. You have also a credit card is required to verify that you are an adult. The use of the service is also completely free. Our colleagues of Computer!Total, you can read step-by-step installation guide, plus more about all the possibilities of the app.

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