Google filters the colors of their new Pixel in their new teaser

Although the only official information concerning the new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL has been its filing date, which is scheduled for the 9th of October in the city of New York.

However, the company has released today a new teaser of their upcoming phones, where everything indicates that Google has told us implicitly, what will be the new colors of your family of devices.

Black, white and mint

One of the things that we liked from the first generation of the Google Pixel was the color blue that was available on a limited basis in the united States, however, for the second-generation Google was more conservative, throwing only models in black and white.

It seems that for the third generation of the Google Pixel the company will focus on a new color besides the classic white and black, which will be the mint, a color that Google used for the first time on a phone with the Nexus 5x.

The video and the image of the Pixel 3XL that is making us crazy

The web site that goes by the name “Coming Soon” or “coming Soon” is the outline of what appears to be a phone, because at the end it appears the big G of the company, and if you press on your phone and it changes color, showing three possible combinations.

Until the day of today has not been filtered or even an image of the Pixel 3 in the color mint, but it is likely to be one of the units most requested by users, as in the Nexus 5x was one of the most sold.

Remember that the team Unocero you will be carrying all the details of this new device from the city of New York next Tuesday, October 9. and Partners.

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