Google Photos premieres functions with artificial intelligence, announced at the Google I/O

The Google I/O 2018 ended yesterday, and during the whole event one of the technologies present in virtually all areas of the campus of Google was the artificial intelligence, in fact, during the Keynote the first day, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google announced some interesting news that will soon arrive-to-Google Photos , thanks to the artificial intelligence.

What we never thought was that it would arrive so soon, since the latest version of the application, specifically the 3.20 already includes some of these developments. That update has already begun to be deployed to users in the Play Store, but if you still do not have it you can download the APK from this reliable source.

First, some users on Reddit began to publish the new version of Google Pictures included the famous option of “Colour Pop”, which is the one that allows you to put the target in color and everything else black and white, and it does it automatically without the need of having to go through a photo editor, thanks to the artificial intelligence.

How to test the new app of Google News with artificial intelligence?

Example of photo with Pop Color

As mentioned by Android Police, you can’t use Pop Color in any photograph, that is to say, Google Photos, identify the photos compatible, and will give you the option to apply the effect automatically.

We have tried to use this function but so far no image has been compatible with this feature, we’ve even taken some to see if it is possible to enable a Color Pop with success, but we have not had any luck.

These are the best news from the Google Photos announced in the #GoogleIO2018

We have contacted Google Mexico to know if the function is being turned on progressively in the servers, or if there is any way to use the feature in the photographs, so that as soon as we receive a response we will update the information.

Do you see the option of Pop Color in Google Photos?

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