Google Home speakers available in the Netherlands

The Google Home and Google Home Mini speakers are from the 24th of October in the Netherlands. The speakers can play music, but also have the voice assistant Google Assistant built in.

The announcement of the smart speakers in the Netherlands is flat for a large international Google event, whereby it is expected that new smartphones, tablets and Chromecasts to be announced.

Google Assistant

The Google Home and smaller Google Home Mini are no new products, they are already a while available in France, Germany, the united states and the United Kingdom. Because the Google Assistant since this summer, also speaks (and understands of course) appear in the smart speakers also in the Netherlands.

The Google Assistant in the Home-speakers can do they use to voice questions to the search engine, household appliances (such as smart lighting and thermostats) to control and play media. To do this, the device must of course be connected to the internet and continuously listen in.


The Google Home is 149 euros in costs, the Mini-version 59 euros. In addition, the Google Home Mini in different colors in the shelves: black, white and coral. From 24 October, the smart speakers to purchase.

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