Google incorporates a tool to monitor trading of the Bitcoin in real time

Despite of its tremendous collapse, Bitcoin is still alive, and also the interest of millions of people who made some investment in the criptomoneda, is that Google announced the implementation of a new tool, which follows in real time the performance of this virtual currency.

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Google has introduced as a ‘result is zero’, that is to say, that we can see the price of Bitcoin without having even leaving the search engine. With this new function we can search on Google “btc to eur”, “btc to usd” or “price of bitcoin” and will automatically tell us to how much we can buy or sell 1 BTC in the currency you indicate. Served both with the abbreviations of the names of the coins, so that we may also obtain the same result with “bitcoin euro” or “bitcoin dollar”.

The measure is somewhat confusing after a few months that Google, Facebook and other platforms, announced that from the summer would no longer allow advertisers angled placed advertising related to the criptomonedas due to the frequent scams involving.

The new Google tool not only allows you to see the price on direct, but we can also see a graphical history of the price in the time since a little before 2014. We can not expand it, and view it in detail, unfortunately, but it is a good graphical method to check the current status.

The company of Mountain View introduced only the value of the Bitcoin, and not the other virtual currencies relevant as Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum… But seeing this, it is likely that in the near future the signing of Mountain View the end up including within your currency converter.

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