Google comes with its own game console and streaming service for games

Google would be busy with the development of a proprietary console and accompanying streaming service for games.

The console of Google, the name Yeti and would, according to website The Information similarities show with the PlayStation Now from Sony, a service in which games via a streaming download can be played and no physical discs required.

Using a pass can users of Google’s Yeti games decrease, leading directly to the console to be streamed and instantly played.

Two years in development

Google Yeti is according to insiders of The Information is already two years in development. It is not yet clear whether Google for the game console a new operating system develops, or that there is use of Android. The latter OS would be a logical choice, since a lot of games for this operating system are already available in the Play Store for smartphones and tablets.

When Google Yeti is launched and the console or the streamabonnement should cost, is not known.

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