Google Maps unveils a new design in Android

Google Maps is one of the most popular applications in today, we could even say that it is the most complete on the market in comparison with its competitors, and from today Google has launched a new interface for Google Maps based on Modern Design (Material Design 2), the same design lines that you will need Android P and that we have already seen in applications like Google Chrome, Google News, or services like Gmail.

The new interface of Google Maps is already coming to multiple users, but the update is occurring in a phased manner, so that it does not matter that we have updated the application to the latest version, while not release the new design in the server we will not be able to try it out, so that time is just waiting for you in a few days or weeks we can see the new design of Google Maps on Android.

If we compare both designs, we will see a noticeable change, especially in the icons more rounded, a menu more clean and minimalist, and above all a predominant white color.

To the left the new design. to the right is the current design.

The main screen does not suffer modifications in comparison with the functions that we already see today, as we will continue to see the function of “Explore”, “auto” and “Tr. public.” However, as we can observe, it seems that Google itself wants to highlight places nearby, then in the tab “Explore” is a lot more information in comparison with the current version.

Another important detail is that now also appear public events nearby so that we can attend if we are interested in.

How to activate the new design of Google Chrome for Android

As already mentioned, it is a matter of being patient to be able to test the new design, since you need to Google to activate the function on the server.

Do you like how it looks like the new design of Google Maps?

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