Google News displays a “strong preference” by means of left-wing

A study of the web AllSides has analyzed both the front page of Google News in the united States –a service that does not exist in Spain thanks to the Sinde Law ‘ – as the results of searches for news on Google over a period of two weeks, and has determined that the media with a bias of the left are highlighted with greater frequency. The report also claims not to have found evidence that this bias is intentional.

The results of the study indicate that the featured news by Google News are of the left in 65% of cases, while 20% come from media more balanced and are right at 16%. In addition, given that the traffic coming from Google comes disproportionately from the first results, with a third of the first clicks the links shown, the study has examined the position of media is the first result of the left, center and right, and the result is 1.7, which is 5.3 and 12.2. In Google News this last result means that on average the user has to scroll to find the first piece of news media from the right.

The estufio was developed as a result of a couple of tweets from Donald Trump of the end of August where I put Google to fall from a donkey to show only the news of the “fake news media” about it. AllSides is an aggregator of news from US in the style of Google News, but balanced to show results balanced ideologically , using a patented technology to analyze the bias of the media.

John Gable, CEO of AllSides, and author of the study, assured USA Today that the bias is a result of that, “most of the news from the internet and the majority of consumption of news on the internet come from a perspective of the left”. According to Gable, the Google results come from what is essentially an “algorithm of popularity”, and as a result the points of view that are not so popular among their users is less likely to be featured.

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