Google Play Games could have its own section of news

Google Play Games you want to expand and offer a bit more, so that you have in mind to implement a new section called ‘Hub’ that contains news about games, updates, or any news that is related.

With this attachment, users will be able to be aware of everything that happens with the games you have installed or that are on-trend, as well as to know the new titles that are added together and that, therefore, would be available to experience.

In addition of giving the player an approach to the titles and franchises that come out, you want to generate thousands of downloads on popular apps and Play Games to stop being so static.

In this way, you will be lucrative in various sectors, both in the mobile gaming with titles like Super Mario Run, Pokémon Go, PUBG Mobile, and the upcoming Fortnite Mobile apps, which are some of the most popular among the players, as in in the feed that would provide the latest news and trends in those moments.

In the same way you would be helping the public to find and get to know new independent games.

As the project is something green, it doesn’t have many benefits, one of them is that the user will not be able to customize the news that you are appearing, then not be able to select only those titles that are of interest to you and discarding those that are not to your liking.

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Other situations of this function, is that it is in the testing phase, so only very few users that have the version 5.10.6082 of Google Play Games can enjoy and make use of it.

In the same way, it is rumored that the update would work on a server, that would mean you could branch out into multiple versions, but it is still very early to ensure this fact and, especially, if it will be a success.

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