Google could buy a major division of Nokia

Google is one of the most important companies in the world, and has shown that when it is necessary to buy a company to make bigger or powerful your business, then what makes, then we have the case of the purchase of the mobile division of HTC to improve the manufacturing of the Google Pixel.

However, new rumors mention that Google now has its eyes on Nokia, the Finnish company which is also the most iconic in the history of technology. And although this is not the purchase of the entire company, reports indicate that Google is interested in acquire the health division of Nokia.

Nokia Health probably is not a division well-known, but no doubt that is one of the best that has Nokia in the field of consumer products, and was just in the last edition of CES, where we met some of their products in the market.

The reality is that the health sector and the technology it seems that every day become more necessary to each other, and many companies are starting to bet big on the sector, so that Google wants to start strong by offering their own products of health from the hand of Nokia.

All of this information has emerged from Wareable, who mentioned that the company could conclude the purchase of Nokia Health is Nest, one of the companies of the Alphabet (array of Google) in charge of the manufacture of products for the home.

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And that is despite the fact that Nokia bought out the French company, focused on health products known as Withings, for after convert in Nokia Health, it seems that a restructuring in the corporation opened up the door for potential stakeholders to acquire this division.

We don’t know if Google will buy this division from Nokia, or if it will be another buyer who will take the bid, but what is a fact is that Google wants to compete strong in the health sector, and this could be the first step to achieving this.

We will be attentive to any information that may arise regarding the Nokia Health to bring you all the details.

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