Google presented its tablet convertible Pixel Slate with Chrome OS and the mobile Pixel 3

Google has presented this Tuesday in New York (united States), their new tablet convertible Pixel Slate, a device with operating system Chrome OS designed for play and work, with desktop features such as the Chrome browser and Adobe Acrobat. The screen presents 293 pixels-per-inch and 6 million pixels in total, with a design with rounded edges, as explained by the company in the event.

The convertible has two stereo speakers facing the front of the screen to guide the sound directly toward the user. Includes front and rear camera of 8 megapixels, with portrait and selfis with wide-angle lens and large pixels for low light conditions.

The screen can be split to use two applications at the same time, through a number of functions that approximate your use the desktop mode for desktop computers, such as the integration of the desktop version of the Chrome browser, as well as the suite of Google programs and Adobe Acrobat.

Slate integrates support such as the Wizard of Google, and in the tools of protection, account also with the security chip Titan and antivirus protection serial. The home button is situated on the side of the device and is, in addition, a sensor of fingerprints.

Pixel, that Slate has been presented, along with a custom keyboard which is activated nothing else to connect it to the screen. The keys have a rounded shape with backlight, and can be adjusted to any angle. It is also compatible with the stylus Pixelbook Pen.

The convertible will be available in the united States, United Kingdom and Canada for a price of $ 599. The keyboard, sold separately, will be priced at $ 199 and the stylus, $ 99.

Pixel 3, with improvements in the camera and Android 9

The new family of mobile Pixel 3 improve their features and performance of the camera compared to the previous model with the application of artificial intelligence, such as the mode Super-Res Zoom, to improve the catches expanded, or Group Selfie, to optimize the selfis group. It consists of two devices, a standard model with a screen size of 5.5, and the XL version, with a diagonal of 6.3 inches. Both integrate a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and work with the operating system Android 9 Foot. Also integrates with the security chip Titan.

The company has focused its efforts on the camera, to deliver new modes, with the application of artificial intelligence, improve the quality of the photographs captured. The Night Sight improves your catches in low light conditions. The artificial intelligence balances the areas with lighting and the dark, and reduces both the movement and the noise to show a clear picture.

Super Res Zoom is another mode introduced in the camera that improves image capture with zoom from remote areas. Reduces the noise and the parties moved, and defines the elements that appear in the image. With the way, Top Shot, a shot made by the user, the camera takes several shots in a row for, with the artificial intelligence, to suggest the best capture.

On the camera front, the developments are focused on improving the self-portraits and group pictures. The mode Group Selfie Cam makes all the people in the group to appear in the frame, clearly, and with space background, which takes advantage of the system of dual camera to provide an opening to a 184% higher.

Google has also introduced features you seek, as has been explained, to make it more fun photographs. It is the case of Photo Booth, which simulates a photo booth, with the time between shots, or Playground, which introduces the augmented reality images, with elements that interact with the user according to their gestures and expressions.

Google Lens, the camera application with artificial intelligence of the company, introduced new products, such as the ability to read a contact card, in order to identify an e-mail, and open the app Gmail to send an email, or physical address, to find the location in Maps.

As part of the tools of Android, Pixel 3 and 3 XL are Digital Wellbeing, a set of tools that help the user to manage the use of the smartphone. Offers a view of the time dedicated to the mobile, the time spent with each application, how many times you have unlocked the mobile, among other information.

This tool also allows to set timers in the application, not to exceed the time of use. Once they meet the established deadline, the app is in pause the rest of the day. The other function is to Flip to Shhh that, when the phone is placed face down, puts in silent mode automatically.

The design of Pixel 3 is different from that presented Pixel 3 XL. This second presents a module on the top where is hosted the dual camera. The two terminals are made of glass, with two various textures in the back –the top most shines, and the rest in matte with a soft touch for non slip, with metal frames. It will be available in the colors white, black, and light pink.

The range of mobile Pixel 3 will go on sale in Spain on the 2nd of November for a price of 849 euros, while Pixel 3 XL will be sold from 949 euros for your version of the game. In both cases you will arrive with Orange.

The company has also filed a Pixel Stand, a base wireless charging Qi that supports the Wizard of Google. Active in the device have different functions when it is connected, such as Sun Rise, to set an alarm clock. If, for example, is connected to a smart system in the home, such as a ring smart, you can see who is at the door.

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