Google presents of smartphones, tablets and Home Hub

During the Made By Google event in New York, the techbedrijf his latest gadgets displayed. Including the Pixel 3 smartphones, Pixel Slate tablet and a new Home Hub.

Earlier today Google announced that the Google Home and Google Home Mini speakers with Google Assistant from the 24th of October in the Netherlands are available.

Home Hub

In continuation of this Google Home speakers, Google has the Home Hub presented. This hub is a type of tablet screen in the living room place. Of course, the voice assistant also built in, a camera is not present. On the screen you will get the relevant information to see, captured with the Google Assistant or not. But also YouTube videos and other apps. The assistant is, of course, also be used as a remote control for streams and home automation. If there is no info to show is when a frame of an image displayed on the screen of the Google Home Hub. in the Evening the display switches itself off.
The Google Home Hub costs $ 149, or and when the device is in the Netherlands, is not yet known.

Pixel 3, and Pixel 3XL

All the details about the Pixel 3 smartphones were all over for the notice. In fact, Engadget knew there was already one on the black market in Hong Kong to buy. The Pixel-smartphones are more or less known features of the iPhone from the year before to take over, such as high prices and no headphones port. The large size of the Pixel 3 (Pixel 3 XL) thus has a scherminkeping, thin screen edges and control with swipe gestures. Just like the iPhone X. Only at the back is not a dualcam to find, which incidentally says nothing about the camerakwaliteit. The Pixel 2 of last year, was hailed for its (few) camera.

Also, the Pixel 3 turns violently in on his camera. With the Topshot and Nightsight capabilities to ensure that you have not failed more pictures have, for example, by the blinking of the eyes or dark environments. Also, there is a special digital zoom developed. Software! Because Google’s software is once again at the center of the Pixel 3 smartphones. In the camera, but also the Assistant is deeply integrated.

Just like the previous Pixels, the assistant, and Google’s software centrally in the operating system of the smartphone. You can even telemarketers programmatically ignore, with automated telephone responses.

The previous Pixel smartphones have never been officially released in the Netherlands. It is still the question whether this third generation here, however, is available. The Pixel three is in the US is now available for 799 dollars. The Pixel 3XL is hundred dollars more expensive.

Pixel Slate

Also, Google has a Pixel-tablet display: the Pixel Slate. This tablet runs surprisingly not on Android, as the previous Pixel-C tablet, but on Chrome OS, which is now also in a position Android apps to run from the Google Play Store. Also, Chrome is updated and it works just as good with touch screen as touchpad and keyboard. With a standard built-in keyboard (with lights!) the tablet can be used as a laptop.

The Pixel Slate is also for the time being not available in the Netherlands. In the USA, go this 599 dollars. For the keyboard, you pay another $ 199 extra. You may also have a stylus to buy for $ 99.

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