Google removed YouTube from the Amazon Fire TV

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, has announced the removal from YouTube of some devices of Amazon in response to the refusal of the latter company to sell many of their products. In this way, it escalates the battle between the two titans of the technological americans to the extent that their operations are overlapping more and more.

Google said Tuesday that it had blocked access to YouTube on speakers smart with screen Amazon, called Echo Show and not available in Spain, and that it plans to also block YouTube for the skewer to see streaming on the tv Fire TV from Amazon from the 1st of January. The company noted that the Amazon store does not sell products of the competition as the speaker smart Google Home or the skewer for teles Chromecast Google.

He also said that the service programs and movies Prime Video Amazon is not available through Chromecast and added that Amazon has stopped selling some products, like the thermostat home automation Nest, after the giant of electronic commerce, launched in October a security system for the home that competes with this device Google.

“Given this lack of reciprocity, since we don’t supply YouTube in Echo Show and Fire TV,” said a Google spokesman on Tuesday. For its part, a spokesperson for Amazon pointed out that “Google is setting a disappointing precedent to block selectively the access of the customers to a web page on open”. Both groups said that they wish to resolve the dispute quickly, according to the sources; a fight that will possibly harm the results of both companies, but especially to its users.

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