Google Station: the Internet fast, secure and free in Mexico

Surprisingly Google has unveiled today its new platform for expanding access to the Internet connectivity of high-quality in Mexico known as the Google Station, which had already been implemented in India and Indonesia, with Mexico becoming the third country in the world and first in Latin america where it launches Google Station.

Google Station is a WiFi access point high-speed, secure, and free, as users will not have to pay a penny for access to the network, in addition to that Google guarantees the security of the users connected to the Google Station, one of the disadvantages of many networks public WiFi is the lack of security of our personal data, passwords and banking information.

Google seeks to provide local, system integrators, enterprises andInternet service providers with access to fiber, configure, maintain, and monetize their Wifi networks, because many places that offer public Wi-fi, are forced to unite and to customize different solutions and repeat this process in each of their locations. This makes the network public Wifi are hard to use as your logon process works only once, and it is cumbersome, and in addition the majority of these connections are slow.

Google Station is already operating in airports, bus stations and several shopping centers. And Google will be working with in conjunction with SitWifi, one of the Wifi providers largest in the country, to bring these WiFi access points at different locations of Mexico.

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During the event, Anjali Joshi, Vice president of Product, noted the following: “Google Station is part of our vision to offer Wifi fast and accessible to our next billion users. We want to expand to new locations of high traffic to help more people to connect, and we are looking for strategic partners and visionaries to work on this effort.”

Similarly, the company stressed that they are open to working with other companies interested in bringing Google Station to other communities in Mexico, so that any agency or company is interested you can check all the details in Google Station Mexico.

For the moment, there are already 56 Google Station operating in different states of the country such as Chihuahua, Nuevo León, State of Mexico, Colima, Michoacán, Veracruz, Chiapas, Mérida, Oaxaca, Mexico City and other states. If you want to see all of the Google Station available in our country you can do so here.

In countries like India, Google Station has more than 8 million active users each month who benefit from the speed and access to these WiFi spots free, so in Mexico is expected to be a very valuable tool for the 68 million mexicans who are daily connected to the Internet.

For now the Google Station is located at fixed points of the country, but the Google team Mexico has mentioned that they evaluate the possibility to launch it in other points of the cities as the public transport.

In addition, the company has made clear that security is one of the most important elements of Google’s Station, as the data of the users will not be shared with other companies.

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As mentioned above, users will not have to pay anything to use the Google Station, but it is important to mention that constantly displays advertising before you load any website.

How to connect to a Google Station?

Once you’re in a place that account with a Google Stations loe all you will do will be the following:

  • Turn on your WiFi connection and select the network “Google Station”
  • Tap the notification that says “sign in to WiFi network”
  • Select the option to “Start” located at the top right of your screen.
  • Tap the option “Connect” and wait for it to make the connection with the WiFi access point.
  • Ready! Now you can navigate with total freedom and security in a wireless network high-speed.

This option is available to any user, so you only need a device that is equipped with technical capabilities to connect to the Internet through the WiFi connection.

In the first tests that we performed, the average speed of download is 25Mbps while upload is 30Mbps, although there were times that we could download data at a speed of 40Mbps or so.

What do you think of the new platform that Google has launched in Mexico?

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