GoPro withdraws from drone-market

The actioncammaker GoPro stops making drones. That made the company today announced in a press conference. By disposing of the drone-branch of the company lose over 250 employees their jobs.

During the announcement of the preliminary quarterly figures, made GoPro known to stop the development of drones. The flagship was the Karma, which together with dronefabrikant DJI is developed. As soon as the company his entire stock has sold, get GoPro of the drone market. It continues to provide support for the Karma-drones.


By the stop of the drone activities lose over 250 employees their jobs and shrink the business further in as much as 1000 employees. By the end of 2016, there were still 1700 people to work at GoPro.

According to the press release, the dronemarkt very competitive and provides new regulations to ensure that drones within Europe and the United States are hard to be sold.

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