Gorilla Glass 6 promises to reduce the cumulative damage of the screen of the mobile phone after several falls

Corning, the american company of glass and ceramic materials, has developed Gorilla Glass 6, a crystalline material that is completely new to the mobile screens, tablets and other devices, as published by the organization on its website. It is a material with a higher compression than its predecessor Gorilla Glass 5, making it more resistant and durable. In lab tests, Gorilla Glass 6 resists to fifteen falls straight from a height of one metre, according to data from the company.

The new material is up to two times more durable than Gorilla Glass 5, due to the strengthening chemical. Can also be used for the coating of devices that use more than 85% of glass in their designs, as explained in the statement, the vice president of the division of marketing and innovation of products of Corning, Scott Forester.

This coverage would provide new devices for optical clarity, touch sensitivity, resistance to scratches, efficient charge wireless and improvement of their durability. Corning has focused on this occasion in the accumulation of damage on the screen. Although a new piece of Gorilla Glass can survive almost any fall, the microabrasiones product falls above what going to weaken and making it more likely a break in the future. The new material is being evaluated by several customers and Corning expected to hit the market over the next few months.

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