Gps watches for children appear to be again unsafe


There is new research into the security of gps watches for children and again it turns out that these are not in order. This time draws antivirusfirma AV-Test to the call.

With gps watches can parents help their children through a smartphone app to keep an eye on. It communicates with the sim card in the watch, so that they know where their children are posted. Possibly they will get a notification when the child in a particular area - such as the school playground - leave.

This kind of watches are only not always well-protected. So it is for an attacker simply to be with the child to get in touch via spoofing of the phone number. That is to say, for example, with their own smartphone to make a call to the watch of the child, under the number of the parents. This trick works simply via apps which are available to download in o.a. the Play Store.

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Connection intercept

AV-Test examined six children smartwatch and found that in half of the cases the communication between watch and app via an unsecure connection went. Thus, they are susceptible to attacks from hackers (via so-called man-in-the-middle attacks), later the location of the child can trace fake text messages you can send, and more.

In the test, two gps-watches of Dutch origin. One of the brand Belio score the best, mainly due to the encryption on these models definitely is applied. But the watches Helloo bring out the worse from it. If prompted, says the Dutch company's research results will be to study and later with a response.


In Germany the sale of this kind of watches is nowadays prohibited, but for other reasons. There was the main objection of the microphones in the gadgets, which allows parents at a distance can join in with their children. That makes the eavesdropping equipment, which is against the German law. In the tested watches of AV-Test is such a feature present only in that of the German brand Anio.

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