Thanks to LugLoc you’ll never lose your suitcase

Losing your suitcase at an airport or in a truck, it is a situation quite desperate that alters up to the more serene person, then beyond to spend energies in the concern that raises the question of where you will be, also wasted time and money.

As it is known that these events happen to thousands of people around the world, the mexican company Chloe, I think a scanner of luggage that will allow people to know where their objects via GSM and Bluetooth.

The new update of the system of Cloe, will give them access to the travelers to look for what direction it is moving in your baggage and in this way, we remove the stress of knowing if it arrived safe and sound.

The system of localization, LugLoc had previously been released to the market, but now it has increased and upgraded to provide a device of last generation that is much better than it was a few years ago.

Part of the new features that it has is the battery of lithium, which is much more lightweight and durable, making run for 15 hours, in addition to that is rechargeable, which means a huge cost savings for the user.

The way it works is something simple with which we are already familiar, then first you must download the app LugLoc, which is available on both iOS and Android, and then follow the signs, which start when you enter your name, e-mail account and password.

In the same way, you must enlist your user, this is achieved through the Bluetooth of your phone and create a key or ID that you can use both on your mobile as on your luggage; once you have done this you will be able to know the location and exact location of the luggage.

So do not worry ahead of time, you should know that the application is compatible with any bag, so almost all people can use it.

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Below, we explain about the operation of the lights three LED lights and the button ‘Check’, which is used when the tool is connected to the power or is already in use:

If LugLoc is connected to the energy:

-The first light green indicates charging is complete.
-The second light in red indicates that the device is loaded properly and that you’re not doing anything wrong.

If LugLoc is in use:

-If the light is green, is that indicating that the device is connected to the GSM network.
-If the light is red, it indicates the device is not connected to the GSM network.
-If the light is orange, it is known that the device is in flight mode.
-If the orange light starts flashing the battery is low and must recharge.

If you travel constantly and you are afraid that some day this may happen to you or you want to avoid to happen again, download LugLoc and not have to worry about anything else.

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