Great makeover for Gmail coming

Gmail looks for many years already, the same, but will soon get a major makeover with a stronger focus on productivity. Many new features are copied from Google’s other e-mail service Inbox.

So get the new Gmail also the Smart Reply function, which allows automatic replies to send back by artificial intelligence are composed. Also the temporary ‘snooze’ an email will be an option. You get the same incoming mail then later again a message, when you do have time to respond.

Calendar integration

Also the appearance of the inbox, go on the shovel. So get attachments a prominent place, so you can download without e-mails separately to open. That saves a lot of searching. In addition, there is a vertical bar on the right side of the screen, where there is space for the Google Calendar or the to-do list service Keep.

(Image via The Verge)

Google is planning the new design for Gmail in the coming weeks to roll out to all users. Probably put the company in may extra in the sun, when the annual I/O event is held.

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