Guide to recover your deleted contacts on iOS and Android

The problem of technological dependency is often commit mistakes that seem insurmountable (like that Like you never wanted to give, or those messages that you sent in the early morning in a state inappropriate, or those pages that you left off in your browsing history without wanting wanting, etc) and we’ve all been delete a contact that is not wanted by mistake.

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Fortunately, this error in particular (unlike the others) has a remedy. As told friends of chilango with this easy guide to recover your deleted contacts by accident.


It is easier than you think. The only thing you have to do is go to the page of iCloud and go down to the Settings option. Once there select Advanced, and then Restore contacts. Once there, you can select which contact you want to recover.

Just keep in mind that this option will only work if you have synced the contacts with iCloud. To know if they are synced just go to Settings and select iCloud, then you can see if the backup is active or not.


Here it is necessary to run the Gmail page and select the name of this tool. Subsequently deployed various options, of which you have to select Contacts. You routed to other page.

At the bottom you will find the option to Change to the previous version. After you select it, you should go to the top of the window and press More and then Restore contacts. Once this is done you just have to select the period of time that you want to retrieve the contact, and voila! Return to your list as if nothing had happened.

From your Android phone in Settings you will find the option of Google; there you will see the option to Restore contacts. If you took away a phone for the accident just do that little process and ready.

And since you’re there you could also keep an eye on the Security option, in which you’ll be able to enable or disable the option Find my device, it will help you in case you lose the cell phone.

In a similar way, this function will only work if you have a backup or your contacts synced with Google.

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