We have trailers of the end of Sense8 and The ballad of Hugo Sanchez

Netflix is still preparing for the summer, why is that still releases strategically progress of their upcoming releases and today put circular two real bombings: the trailer end of Sense8, and a new one of the first spin-off of their hit Latin Club of Crows, The ballad of Hugo Sanchez.

The first trailer of Bohemian Rhapsody is an ode to Freddie Mercury and Queen

Sense8 is a special case. After being cancelled, thousands of subscribers claimed via social networks, and such was his cry that Netflix had to offer a consolation prize: a final chapter of more than two hours to give proper conclusion to the series of the sisters Wachowski.

This final episode is premiered on June 8, and this is the forward end of the end, and note that it will be quite intense.

In the second premiere of the day, Netflix is still warming up the engine to the risky launch of the first spin-off Club of Crows based on one of his characters most loved by the public, The ballad of Hugo Sanchez, who is coming this June 17.

In the progress of The ballad of Hugo Sánchez, we can see that Isabel and Chava receive an invitation to go to Nicaragua for the Ravens played a tournament where they offer a juicy prize for the champion; however, Chava doesn’t want to go, so entrusted to Hugo’s mission to win the cup and bring the money to New Toledo.

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