Let’s talk about what the programmers are able to create

Computer programming, creation of software, it is a kind of industry of the mind. And probably much of the charm that the developers feel it is at that point. We will, we cannot have a kilo of software because it seems to be and not to be physically. The reality is that those who programmed to generate things without substance.

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However, the customers, those who buy software, you may think differently. Let’s go back in time to the 1990s. At that time the programs were being sold in shops and in general were large boxes that contained on many occasions, a small manual and a CD (or DVD). The product box was more air than anything else. The reason for this is a matter of the psychological, where people want to receive something in return for their money, and the bits and bytes don’t seem to occupy enough physical space and there the programs come in boxes of bulky.

But with the time, the software began to look like more to buy a music disc or a DVD movie. And then we begin to see the disappearance of bulky manuals, and cardboard boxes huge, where the customer seemed to be a bargain for the money paid.

But things continued changing and then the software companies began to distribute its programs via download through the Internet. And this found then another type of issue. For example, suppose that you write a very good application. You may lack to sharpen some details, but the program is functional. Then a friend came to his house, see the software and asks for a copy. What does it cost to make a copy? CAN I deny to a friend= No, then you replicates of your program, either on a physical medium such as a disk or send the app by mail. In any case, the cost (if we do not take into account the physical environment, it is null).

But let’s imagine that you are a carpenter and made a wooden sculpture. If a friend came by and see what prompts you to give a copy free of charge? Probably not. There are material (wood), involves and time, and here it seems that it takes a proportion more real. If the friend cares a lot about what he did to the best asked him to make one for him, and he will pay for this work in any way, either with money, a dinner, etc. And it is true, this argument is not very original, it has been said a multitude of times.

Think of what happened relatively recently. The musicians and writers produced content, which is reflected in cds or paper books. But now this is disappearing. If we consider, now, the music is sold over the Internet and people can download from a site. The books are going through a similar fate. Since the actual existence of the books and music seems to be fading.

To make things more dramatic, consider the following scenario: I meet with you, the reader, in a bar, and tell him that “I am a poet full-time”. Probably you may be thinking “what a waste of time”. But if then I tell him that I am a poet who has published your work, you will probably be impressed a little. Always a book is a kind of validation of who is an authority in some field of knowledge.Come on, it is part of the curriculum many times. In the case that occupies to us it is clear that the fact that I had published a book I would talk about my poems would be well worthwhile, as there is a psychological effect, perhaps, when it produces something real, if for example, one autopublique and be your own editor.

But when you purchase an e-book or download an MP3 file, you’re probably willing to put those things in the universe of their past experiences with the real things, Cd’s or books. Now, if we talk about software, what kind of experience we make it? In general, once you have installed a program, an app, there is nothing physical to show us the software, and their real value.

Being more precise, there is a league in regard to the value of things in the real world. For example, a book’s worth by its content, yes, but it is also clear that a book with more pages will cost more. And many times we understand that we do not pay for the printed words, but by paper and ink. The software, interestingly, does not have paper or ink, let, does not seem to be something tangible.

Therefore, the cost of the software is based more on the complexity of what the app does. It is not the same to make a program that simulates a calculator elemental make -say – a spreadsheet. The problem is that a lot of people think that the software should be absolutely free in all cases, especially because a lot of people already invested thousands of dollars in hardware. Why software should cost me? Interestingly they do not think like when you buy a car and then are forced to fill the petrol if you want it to be functional. But at the current time, the software can cost many times 99 cents. Come on, less than 25 pesos (the step will be the devaluation of our currency),

And this perhaps give us a reason why the software is pirateé continuously. Many times we have all thought that when pirateamos software, which produces it will not cost you anything that there is a file (or several), with everything necessary for the application to work. The generator software nothing to lose, it is usually thought, and I wasn’t going to buy any way, so it is not a sale lost.

And don’t get me wrong. A lot of my software, almost everything is open source and free and not even ask for “a beer” to everyone who download it. And in all this we forget that someone wrote the software, someone else did the task finally.

There are a lot of people enthusiastic of open source code and creates programs for simple fun. I’ve worked so much of my life as a programmer, but this seems to suddenly not have any reward for the time and work invested. Programmers are like musicians, and writers: they produce content without physical substance and therefore the living of this many times is difficult. There are companies that have even legal departments very strong, especially in the united States, where it aims to those who pirated the software, because the approach is simple: pay those who produce a job because that is what is fair.

Perhaps the time has come to show to potential customers in the cost of production and the value of what we produce, what pointless, to consider to eventually start paying.

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