Let’s talk about the controls original wireless NES for Nintendo Switch

The classics never die, and in the case of technology, they can come back with all the charm of their original versions, but with all the virtues of technological updates. It is like having the best of both worlds and just that is what we have with the re-launch that Nintendo is doing their legendary controls of the original NES.

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During the last edition of Nintendo Direct, the home of japanese take this opportunity to announce that you can available a new edition of the remote controls of the NES with its original dimensions, but for their new console feeling and your new platform streaming, the Nintendo Switch Online, you just that this edition will have the unique advantage of being wireless.

The membership service for the Nintendo Switch Online will arrive officially on the 18th of September; the same day that you’ll be able to book these new controls. Another wonder is that you have a rechargeable battery and those that have membership in the service Nintendo are the only ones that will buy this product. The package with two controls will cost 59.99 dollars.

Although the aim of these controls is that travel to another time along with the games of your childhood, what is certain is that they are not required. You’ll be able to play (as long as you have the membership) all the games (including the classics) of Switch Online with or without the controls, so don’t worry.

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