Weight training decreases the risk of depression

To date, numerous studies had shown the benefits of physical training with regard to depression, both as a tool to prevent it, and to try to alleviate some of their symptoms. But those studies had focused mainly on the so-called aerobic training, which includes ajercicios such as running, cycling, zumba… But very few had evaludado the benefits of anaerobic training, which is done with weights.

Now, a new research conducted by the University of Limerick, in Ireland, has tried to fill that void. The authors worked with two thousand volunteers of both sexes and of various ages, some of whom had been diagnosed with depression.

And the results showed that the strength exercises with weights had results beneficial in all of them. In those who had depression contributed to make them feel a little better, and in those who did not reduced the risk of diabetes. The authors of the study believe that these positive effects were due to both physiological causes and psychological. In addition, the benefits were identical in those who trained two times per week, and in those who did so five or more times, and do not depend on the amount of weight lifted.

On the one hand, as explained, the exercises stimulate the production of chemicals in the brain that contribute to improving the mood. And, on the other, also influence their own expectations of the person. Train believing that you can feel better, it helps to really make it as well.

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