Hack into the Apple website and purchase more than 500 iPhone for 60 cents

What would be this life without the hackers, those talented people that are helping many companies to become more secure thanks to the exploration of security weaknesses, well, a hacker has made his own to hack the Apple website and buy 502 iPhone for 1 taiwanese dollar, the exchange rate is 60 cents mexican.

The hacker is known as Chang Chi-yuan, a famous hacker who wiped out publications of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg after to warn the company that this was possible, but that the social network ignored until Chang wiped out the post of the CEO, was there when Facebook ruled the fault.

Today he has touched the Apple, as Chang found an error on the website of the company from Cupertino allowed to buy the iPhone for ridiculous prices, in fact, this same hacker had already exploited a vulnerability similar in 2016, where he could buy an iPhone for a price much less than the actual cost.

What is the difference between a hacker and a cracker?

Chang bought 500 iPhone 8 Plus and 2 iPhone XS Max, paid 1 taiwanese dollar and received the email confirmation of purchase on the part of Apple, however, Chang took screenshots of this and then cancelled the order, which had a value of 16.6 billion taiwanese dollars, which would be more than 10 million mexican pesos.

The dubbed “hacker ethics” and well-known on the Internet as Khalil Shreateh is not often take advantage of their knowledge to steal from the companies, and despite the incident with Facebook was not rewarded because the company mentioned that he did not do so by the appropriate means, the people on the Internet raised $ 11-thousand dollars to donate to the account of Chang.

For the moment Apple has not spoken on it, and therefore we do not know if there will be a financial reward for this hacker who managed to find the error, otherwise the company would have lost more than half a million us dollars.

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