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Hawken Crack PC

You like Hawken? Download here the Hawken Crack its the best crack version you cannot experience any hang up time or crashing down while you play .
I have good time playing Hawken using the crack with death match mode the fight are very intense even at the very start of the game I have machine gun and explosives to take my enemy out. The face of the game is really fast so am pretty sure if you are not use to fast movement game at first you will feel dizzy but if you use to it so no problem ,you can manage it very well. I am with a giant robot I am the one riding or maneuvering inside it, but even if the enemy moving so fast but no worries about that since am moving quickly too because I have a boost while the enemy have too with boost I can move anywhere and jump high and the good thing about your character is that you can rest yourself for awhile and hold the z in your keyboard to get yourself healed because your enemy shooting you and you are hit too but the bad part is whether you are going heal yourself at the moment you need to stay cautious since your enemy are attacking you always if they sees you.
Is very nice From the city design you can see a blade running style really bump out tore down building, a lot of verticality and stages and ways to encourage you utilize that, you have a jump jets so you can jump high up to the rooftop of the building so you can gain significant combats against your enemy all of the various platforms and stages

So in the Hawken Crack PC game there a bunch type of machine which we can maneuver that has a sub machine canon, two rockets and also equip a couple of items on, high explosive charge

a repeat charge and a radar and also internet in machine that boost functionality so when I fight I can increase a damage to my enemy, reinforce my armor and increasing my maximum health and fuel generator increase which help me to be able to move around faster

So in the game you can get different classes:

1. Sharp Shooter

2. Rocketer

3. Assault


You can also get to your garage so that you can customize your machine if you go to your garage you can modify the following:

1. Berserker – where you can choose any offensive time for your combat like a missile guided bomb but you need to purchase it with currencies

2. you can boost your max speed

Though there so much more I can see to the game . if I have to ratio the game it would be 10/10


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