Are there alternatives to iOS and Android? Let’s talk about KaiOS

The world of mobile operating systems seems to be reduced to just two competitors: iOS and Android. Windows Phone, despite what people say, those who used this system and they seemed great, I was able to get for years the market share that had been expected and was eventually abandoned. But is there opportunity for some other operating system? Because the two finally set already have a number of interesting options and settings that it seems already difficult for new competitors to reach the level of these.

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There is someone who has spoken of WebOS, whose owner is the LG and that it would look out of the televisions smart to try to put it in other devices. The reality is that it has also been spoken of WebOS as a great system but neither seems to be able to start as a new entrant in the telephony call smart.

But lo and behold we found KaiOS, an operating system developed by KaiOS Technologies, which is written largely in HTML5 and that it is the family of operating systems Firefox OS (not ripped finally) and that is based on the kérnel of Linux. The manufacturer says that “unites the power of a smartphone with the accessibility to a phone with features”. Is a derivation of B2G (Boot to Gecko), an open-source successor of Firefox OS, which was discontinued by Mozilla in 2016. The first version of KaiOS came out last year (2017).

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KaiOS supports 4G, LTE, GPS and WiFi, with apps based on HTML5. You have a better life for the eventual battery of the phone in those that are not touch screen, with a streamlined interface, less memory usage and energy consumption. Also you can automatically update, and has a app store called KaiStore for users to drop the apps you want. As in other operating systems, KaiOS comes with apps preloaded, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It is very little bit heavy and can run on devices with 256 MB of memory.

There are already some devices that use this operating system mobile:

  • Alcatel OneTouch Go Flip (known as Cingular Flip 2 on AT&T)
  • Reliance Jio JioPhone (LYF F30C)
  • Nokia 8110 4G (run Smart Feature OS, a platform based on KaiOS)
  • Doro 7050/7060

Does not seem to KaiOS make a lot of noise yet, but who knows, you may have to undergo a period of testing where people begin to notice the benefits of the system. Perhaps, another possible scenario is that the inertia in the use of iOS or Android is impossible to beat and then they could spend two things: that the system KaiOS disappear or keep a low profile, becoming as an alternative to other devices, as LG has made originally with WebOS.

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