We have selected 22 powerful images of National Geographic, which will change the way you see the world

National Geographic is famous for their exciting photographs and colorful, that can inspire and astound all inducing to create and make beauty around you.

Great.guru shares the best moments with you, which were made by the photographers of National Geographic.

1. The largest salt flat in the world

The salar de Uyuni, is located in the south of the desert plain of the Altiplano in Bolivia, is the dry lake of salt largest in the world.

2. Mine “Fantastic Pit”

The cave was opened in the late 1960s. The so-called “Fantastic Pit”, is the deepest mine in the united States.

3. The statues of moái in the Easter island

The Easter island has a rich history, but is most famous for the statues of moái which date back to the centuries XII-XV. On the island there are approximately 1000 statues, the highest measured up to 9 meters and weighs around 90 tons.

4. Market dedicated to the crocodile skin

Is the procedure for the production of accessories made from crocodile in Florida, where it develops the business trader of alligators.

5. Does the loch Ness monster or elephant?

It is not the loch Ness monster, is only the tip of the nose of an elephant that swims in the river.

6. Rider with your pet

Woman of a tribe of the eastern part of the amazon rainforest poses with his favorite monkey.

This tribe really likes to have wild animals as pets, but it seems that they want more monkeys. Many women domesticating monkeys tamarins and are often put on your head.

7. Crocodile named Child

The local residents call it “Child”. You only have 8 to 9 feet in length and do not looks so ugly as it seems.

8. The voice of the people

This young woman of 16 years, Takaiya Blaney, of British Columbia, is a singer, songwriter, tambourine, and the voice of his people in their struggle for peace, the rights of the indigenous tribes and the independence of women.

9. Smooth surface of the Italian lakes

The waters shiny lake como, Italy.

10. Hunter with your guides

Siorapaluk is one of the towns more northern of the planet. The population consists of only a few families, the village has problems with the decline in the number of inhabitants.

The photo shows a hunter of Qaanaq with their dogs.

11. Factory for the production of skin

One of the factories most ancient production of skin is located in the city of Fez, Morocco. The procedure of production has not changed since the Middle Ages.

12. Marine Iguanas

The marine iguanas of the Galapagos live of the algae out of the water cold ocean, the difference between life and death is only a few degrees of temperature. The increase of the sea temperature due to climate change has a negative effect on the populations of marine iguanas. Without algae there is no iguanas.

13. Blessing of a chimpanzee

Jane Goodall and Jo Joe with a chimpanzee from a zoo in Brazil, Republic of the Congo in the year of 1990.

14. Muslim doing Selfie

A group of girls pose in the center of Amman, known as Al-Balad, one of the oldest neighborhoods of the capital of Jordan.

15. Shoal moving around the Tubbataha reef

The Tubbataha reef is considered as the heart of the coral in the Philippines, is one of the world’s rich. Your privacy and the appropriate staff make this one of the reefs most protected on Earth. It can be considered as a desert, ocean, virtually untouched.

16. Metro in North Korea

The metro north Korean vacuum. As a mandatory attribute, he appreciates the monument to the leader.

17. All roads lead to Rome

Rome is a mixture of architectural buildings were imposing, which were forged with a long history and with an impressive speed of modern life.

18. Vivid colors of the peoples are hindus

The street blue in a hindu town, where the men paint their own houses with the colors of the rainbow and women dressed in Sari, which do not look different to the models of the catwalks.

19. Daylight on Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a vast mountain system, as a great neighborhood where the neighbors can only visit in the summer.

20. The dogs greenlanders

A dog greenland is a race of fishermen and hunters of America North used to pull the sled. As it is very expensive to keep dogs of this breed, the resident local rent them out only for a period of time. An unpleasant fact is when the hunters kill the dogs useless with his rifle.

21. Baby girl puppy alpaca

Danila, 14, holds in her arms a puppy of alpaca, which is responsible together with his brother. In the photo you see the house of clay in which they live.

22. The magical views over the rock Vudavu

The magical views of the rock Vudavu, whose name translates as “those who gave birth to the Earth” of the language arapaho family algonquian.

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