We have gathered 14 curiosities asian that demonstrate that there everything is upside down

Over the years, Asia has become a little closer and more familiar to the rest of the world. Now you can eat sushi and rolls in your city, and some resorts have already become destinations of mass. But still, that part of the world is still full of mysteries, surprises and, sometimes, details shocking.

Great.guru gathered data from the life of the asians that show that even we find it difficult to internalize some things. And even though the locals are mostly hospitable and friendly, it is good to take this information into account to avoid surprises.

14. In Japan, it is best not to go first in the elevator

To enter first in an elevator japanese means to accept the honorable duty to be the captain of the elevator. For this, in the Land of the Rising Sun operates a whole series of unspoken rules. The captain manages the panel, subject the doors and press the buttons for all the participants of the trip. If you want to avoid this fate, just let it pass to someone before you and do not go in first.

13. Tomato juice with sugar. Mmm, how tasty.

To lovers of tomato juice waiting for a surprise in Vietnam. Here are accustomed to drink it with sugar, with honey and, on versions especially advanced, until they add condensed milk or coconut milk. Asia is Asia. Be on the lookout.

12. In the lifts there is no fourth floor

The irrational fear of the number “4“ has been extended in many countries of Asia. It even has a scientific name: tetrafobia. The roots of this superstition are in China, where the words ”death“ and “four” sound almost the same. The situation is similar in Korea and Japan. That’s why in the hospitals and in public institutions, the elevators have no numbers floor ending in “4”.

11. Instead of Christmas, North Korea celebrates the birthday of the grandmother of the national leader

The state leader Kim Jong-un, has canceled Christmas. Instead, the country should celebrate the birthday of his late grandmother Kim Jong-suk. She was the wife of Kim Il-sung, the first dictator of the country, or the “Eternal President of the Republic”, communist and “great mother of the anti-japanese revolution”.

10. In the daily life of the japanese is popular to use the rods rascaorejas

This cleaning tool with a small spoon at one end is usually made of bamboo or plastic. Although there are options of luxury: gold, beard of whalebone or ivory. The limpiaorejas is decorated with pom-poms, feathers or fringe and kept in a case. The tool is reusable.

9. If not you have a partner, you can enjoy an anti-Valentine’s day

Each year, on the 14th of April, in South Korea is celebrated as the Black Day, the day of the alone and not in love. That day it is customary to eat noodles with black bean, wear black, and joking bitterly about the lack of love life. If you have not received your gift to St. Valentine’s Day, here can be a great way to celebrate.

8. The vietnamese do not like cats

The locals are afraid of the cats, so that virtually no one has one in their house, and you can rarely see one on the street. Here, once more, had to see a superstition. The mewing of cats is similar to the sound of the word vietnamese “poverty”. And so as not to attract the poverty of the house, they prefer to simply not have anything to do with the cats.

7. The spouses of japanese sleep in different beds

After the birth of a child, the role of a woman in a japanese family changes radically. The bed of the child comes to replace the double bed, often even in another room. In the early years, this is a phenomenon that is understandable and common in many countries, but in Japan the mother sleeps with her children until 10 or even 13 years of age.

6. In Thailand it’s impolite to pat children on the head

The thais believe that the head lives the “spirit white” that cannot be disturbed by strangers. In general, it is considered that the crown of the head is the holiest part of the body, therefore only the parents or the monks can touch it. So better not to disturb the spirits and not to anger the local parents.

5. In Singapore it is forbidden to chewing gum

In Singapore there are many prohibitions that are strange to western standards. But the amount of the fines will impress even the offenders more malicious. Therefore, it is better not to risk it. For example, it is advisable to forget about the gum during the trip, as it is forbidden to import it and sell it. Can only be purchased in a pharmacy and with a prescription.

4. The students are japanese, koreans and filipinos play bizarre games

If somebody offers you to play the kancho, think twice before accepting. Briefly about the game: the player board the palms of the hands with the index finger extended and try to put them in the anus of the opponent when you’re busy with another thing and do not realize the presence of the attacker. Yes, this is how you entertain the children of the primary school.

3. All vietnamese celebrate their birthday on the same day

The majority of the vietnamese do not celebrate his birthday on the date of his birth. In its place, celebrate their arrival into the world during the vietnamese New Year: Tet. The family and close friends delivered to the children red envelopes with money, “happy”. And then it adds a year to the age of all.

2. In China, dress young children in pants with hole

In China, a child may stop in the middle of the street and make your needs. This will not surprise anyone. To make the process easier, the parents dress the kids with a few pants perforated: “kaidangku”. Don’t even need to remove them, squat down and do their own thing is enough. The discussion about whether it is hygienic and good for the child never ceases. Many people use diapers, but the kaidangku not go out of fashion.

1. In Japan it is customary to eat chicken from KFC on Christmas

In most of the countries of the world, Christmas are viral the hams holidays or tons of salads. In Japan, the central place is occupied by the fast-food chain KFC. In the last four decades, KFC has been able to turn to your roast chicken synonymous with Christmas in that country. The receipt of orders prior to the festivity begins a month before. A hurray to the advertisers of KFC!

The special feature of Asia is its diversity, so that even in the same culture and locality, there can be variation in the traditions. Tell us in the comments what unusual things about the asian countries already have heard or seen with your own eyes.

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