It historic! Apple and Samsung reach an agreement to end their long and weary battle legal

Apple and Samsung are two of the leading tech companies on the planet, are the most smartphones sold year-on-year and the two that have been in a legal dispute since last 7 years.

Surely you will recall that some weeks ago we mentioned that a judge forced you to pay to Samsung 538.6 million dollars to Apple for copying the design of the iPhone, although the company from Cupertino always made it clear that they wanted a billion dollars by the amount of sales of the Galaxy S, a smartphone that Apple was accused of having copied their design.

Well, after all this dispute, both companies have reached a common agreement, which has not been made public, so that we don’t know how you managed to fix both of these companies, but as this is a settlement, it is likely that Samsung will end up paying less money, but benefits in some way to Apple.

These agreements are very common in this industry, and it is not the first time Apple is involved in them, as already happened something similar with HTC in 2012, and did the same with Motorola (when it was part of Google) in 2014.

Apply a fine to Apple for “deceiving consumers”

In the case of HTC, the taiwanese company promised Apple not to manufacture more smartphones that have a resemblance to the iPhone, plus you would be paying to the company royalties for a certain time.

With Google things were different, because Apple sued Motorola for infringing on patents, but Motorola did the same thing with Apple, a situation that ended in an agreement between the two companies.

Now history is repeating itself in 2018, but now with Samsung, and will likely never know the agreement between the two companies, because normally this information is treated with the utmost care, but we are glad that you finally have finished this dispute on behalf of its clients.

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