What time are the Olympics on Dutch time?

This coming weekend’s start of the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, on Friday the opening ceremony. Due to the time difference it will be the largest part of the winter Olympics take place while the Netherlands is on one ear, but thankfully the characters, the evening – so we are the afternoon can look at! The question is, how do you have the tv turned on? And when the Dutch skaters, shorttrackers, snowboarders and skeletonster in action?

When its our turn?

Lifehacking has a useful calendar file is created, in which your matches can see which Dutch people participate. Click here to Download the schedule for the Olympic Winter games 2018! It is a .ics file, which you can import into Google Calendar, Outlook, or the Calendar application for macOS.

After the import appear to be the races in your calendar in local time. Per match you can see who is participating and medal-emoji you can see whether the relevant contest a medal is awarded. Many characters will be in the evening driven, so we have them in the middle of the day live. Share this article with your friends who also like the Netherlands in action want to see at the Olympic Winter games!

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