Hollywood used the AI to predict the success or failure of his productions

The Artificial Intelligence will help the production houses to know if the bet is to be done with the script of a new movie, it will be worth it or not, since it will predict their behavior in financial terms.

To avoid that you leave having failures, the producers plan to use ScriptBook, a program that analyzes completely the scripts that are made for the tapes in the future, and to detect in five minutes if you will have a great acceptance or not.

In order to save you time and money, the software, created in 2015 by Nadira Azermai, will prepare a full analysis of the film, from its characters, the target audience, you will understand the difference between the protagonists and antagonists, you can even be able to predict what will be your classification.

The way in which the ScriptBook works, is due to the training they have received, which was made with the interpretation of more than 6,500 scripts, where the data that resulted encompassed the emotions of each character, race, age and gender of the audience, as well as how much it will generate in ticket sales.

USB memories with films of Hollywood

The ScriptBook was presented at the festival of cinema of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, and it was the same Azermai who there commented that Sony Pictures could have saved a fortune from 2015 to 2017, if only I had used the algorithm of its creation rather than listen to the people who make the decisions to give the green light to the films.

According to the information of the portal Variety, the creator and founder of the company that bears the same name as the invention, it was explained that the percentage of accuracy of the software is 84%, which is equivalent to three times the precision of humans:

“If Sony had used our system, they could have ruled out 22 films that failed financially. Our mission is to revolutionize the business of storytelling using artificial intelligence to help producers, distributors, sales agents and financiers to assess their risk”.

An example of its operation is seen in the test performed with the script of ‘La La Land’, where although he predicted that it would raise 59 BILLION, and actually managed to 446 million dollars at the global level, gave a big endorsement to the tape.

The respective and detailed analysis that the ScriptBook, is performed by only five thousand dollars, though companies that wish to assess multiple projects will have a substantial discount.

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