Men with painted fingernails and other 5 trends that you should be prepared to see in the near future

Do you think that, if you saw ears golden, armpits covered with glitter and eyebrows in the form of buns you’ve seen it all? For nothing. The stylists tireless, makeup artists and the common people with imagination to create ever more beauty trends. And if some of them are forgotten in a week, others only appear on Instagram and on the street, and become a new fashion trend: just look at the hair of all the colors of the rainbow. Perhaps it is not far the day when men start painting their nails, and women, to do a selfie great, put brightness on the tongue. has compiled some beauty trends that can conquer the world.

Men with painted fingernails

The manicure male is not news, but until recently, men did not dare to use colored glazes. The first was the designer Marc Jacobs, who has published several photos of their nail colors on your Instagram. Since then, the trend is only gaining momentum; for example, to Joey Graceffa, a famous blogger of YouTube, I like to have nail color. You can see more photos on Instagram with the hashtag #malepolish.

Makeup nose

The makeup artists do not tire of inventing different techniques of makeup, but not reach them with the eyes or the lips. Now it is fashionable to create drawings on the bridge of the nose. The experts in fashion Instagram sonrosan the tip of the nose, draw hearts and clouds and stick sequins on these. There is something interesting in that, right?

Hair luminescent

The hair iridescent as no surprise to anyone, now even put a garland of small lamps, and the famous colorist of Hollywood Guy Tang invented a special paint that shines in the darkness. In the light of the day, the hair colour looks very strong, and under the fluorescent lamp starts to shine. The effect lasts approximately 3 weeks.

Chains on the eyelids

Put chains on the eyelids it occurred to the make-up artist Chuni Zahedi. She works part-time at a jewelry store, and one day, when they broke one of the decorations, he decided to use it as an accessory for your makeup. His followers adopted the idea and, of course, among them there were those who decided to repeat the makeup unusual.

Glitter on the tongue

The makeup artist australian Jacinta Vukovic often adorns the lips with glitter, but once, accidentally applied it on the tongue. The result we liked it so much I shared it on Instagram, and she immediately got more followers. Now in the network, you can find many selfies of girls with their tongue taken out, decorated with glitter with the hashtag #glittertongue.

Flush in the shape of a heart

The tendency to flush, heart-shaped was invented by the girls Korean. Someone simply draws hearts on the cheeks using a template, then, “the heart” runs out of paint, and the blush is distributed around. You can find many pretty pictures with such a flush on Instagram with the hashtag #heartblush.

Would you dare to repeat any of these trends?

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