How To Build a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch – Video

How To Build a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

What You Need :

1/2″ x 3/8″ copper coupling ($0.97)
Tiki replacement wick ($1.54)
Nylon thread seal tape ($.97)
Recycled wine bottle or beer bottle (Free!)

Citronella torch fuel (price not included)

The construction is pretty simple:

1. Wrap the pipe wrap around the copper reducer many times. The opening on our wine bottle required about 15 times around so that it would stick and we actually inserted the smaller 3/8″ side into the bottle as the 1/2″ side didn’t fit (as compared to the original How-to). In the future, we’d also want to try it in beer bottles for smaller torches to place around the yard.

2. Insert the wick into the reducer.

3. Fill the bottle with Citronella and insert wick. Let the oil be absorbed into the wick before lighting.

4. Light and enjoy!

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