How To Cut Glass Without Cost With Home Made Safely

How To Cut Glass Without Cost With Home Made Safely

We tend to assume that we will solely use a glass cutter to chop glass. Though this is often the best technique, it’s not the sole manner. There area unit 3 alternative strategies that solely use common home goods. None of those strategies of cutting glass is tough however you must continually keep in mind to wear safety spectacles and gloves for your own protection.

String : Cut Glass Tile

It is entirely potential to chop glass while not a glass cutter exploitation string. First, confirm you have got an outsized bucket of water handy. It must be sufficiently big for you to dunk the glass all the thanks to your elbow. additionally confirm your glass is clean and dry. Take an honest length of string and soak it in application, then wring it dry.

Tie the string round the glass wherever you propose to chop it. It’s important that the string be tight; loose string won’t add this instance. Set hearth to the string next, and as shortly as it’s all lit, hold the glass and plunge it into the bucket of water.

With the glass submerged, take a firm stick and hit the glass below the purpose wherever you wish to chop. Doing it within the water achieves 2 things: the blow are going to be softer and therefore the water can reduce the vibrations. The glass ought to break on the road of the string after you hit it.

Wire : Cut Glass Bowl

Using wire to chop glass while not a glass cutter is additionally simple. You’ll still would like water; but, during this case, you would like to possess a receptacle wherever the glass will lie flat and be submerged to a depth of 3 inches. begin with a clean, dry piece of glass and use a pointy tool to gently score the road you wish to chop.

Make sure your wire is longer than the cut with the ends formed into loops. place wood through the loops and tighten to use as handles. Heat the wire till it’s hot dog. once it’s prepared, place the wire on the road of the cut.

As shortly as you’ve done that, take the glass and totally submerge it within the water. the warmth of the cut against the cold water ought to create the glass half on the cut of its own accord.

Scissors : Cut Glass Bottle

It’s astonishingly simple to chop glass while not a glass cutter exploitation scissors. you’ll additionally would like an outsized receptacle of water so as to try to to it this. it’ll ought to be sufficiently big for the glass to be totally submerged and additionally for your hands and therefore the scissors to figure underwater.

To make it work, begin by marking the road you wish to chop on the glass. Next, submerge the glass totally, and easily cut on the road with a try of scissors. You’ll realize that the glass can cut even as if it were thick paper. the road you finish up with won’t be dead sharp, however you’ll be ready to clean it up with a blowlamp or a stone by rubbing gently on the sides till you have got it precisely as you wish it.


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